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Docs, console and code examples

You can test the API and generate code examples in different languages to use it in Mashape. Access it directly at this link: Test Kiuwan RESTful API at Mashape. Bear in mind that you need to have a valid Kiuwan account with information to retrieve it. You will have to authenticate with your credentials at Mashape and take it from there.


All API access is over HTTPS and accessed from the domain. All data is sent and received as JSON. All timestamps are returned in ISO 8601 format:



Authentication and authorization

Every request your application sends to the Kiuwan REST API must identify your application. You can do that by using HTTP Basic, which also authorizes the request.

Most client software provide a simple mechanism for supplying a user name and password and will build the required authentication headers automatically. For example, you can specify the -u argument with curl as follows:

Once you have been identified with a valid user and password, you will have access to your private quality results. Even, you will have access to public accounts and their quality results.

Working with lists and pages

If the answer to your request is composed of a list of elements —a list of applications, analyses or defects, for example—, it will be paginated. You will find an indication of a function request that allows pagination in API reference. You can manage pagination with two parameters: 

Parameter nameDescriptionDefault valueValid range of values
pageThe page number of the request1[1-INF]
countThe number of the elements per page500[1-5000]

Quota service

In order to protect performance, Kiuwan establishes a Quota service for each authenticated user. The request will be limited to 1000 per hour. You can check the returned HTTP headers of any API request to see your current status:





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