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How to start an analysis with Kiuwan Cloud Analyzer

If you wanto to analyze your code without uploading it, try the Kiuwan Local Analyzer.

If you want to analyze your code by uploading it to the cloud, do the following: 

Before you start the analysis

  • Have the source code you want to analyze in a single ZIP file format accessible from your workstation.
  • Think about how you want to label the analysis, to find it again later.

Analyze your source code 

  1. Log into your Kiuwan Account

  2. On your dashboard, click Analyze in the upper right corner 

  3. A new page will open. 
    Click Upload your code in the Analyze in the cloud section.

  4. Find and select the Zip file of the code you want to analyze. 

  5. On the next page you can set the analysis criteria: 
    1. Choose which extension files to analyze
      1. In case of an extension file conflict, you will have to choose the right extension in the dropdown menu.
    2. Label the analysis
    3. Include or exclude patterns
    4. Choose the type of encoding

    When you are done, click Run New Analysis

  6. The analysis is executed

  7. See the results of your latest analysis.

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