This section will guide you through the files dashboard of Kiuwan Code Security. 


Files provides a detailed view of your application files ranked by security issues.




It provides some summary data as well as detailed info on every file of your application.

Summary data

The Summary provides a general overview of application files according to security.


Security Rating is the overall rating as described in Code Security Summary.

Distribution By Rating displays a histogram where you can see the distribution of files according to their security rating (1-5 stars).

Distribution By Number of Vulnerabilities displays a histogram where you can see the distribution of app files according to the number of vulnerabilities. Quantities are grouped in 5 ranges calculated based on the maximum and minimum number of vulnerabilities in the application.

Detailed data

The files table lists application files with the following information:

  • Security rating (individually calculated for every file)
  • Lines of Code in the file
  • Number of Vulnerabilities found in the file
  • Distribution of vulnerabilities by priority in the file
  • Effort to reach 5-star security rating for the file

You can order results (in ascending or descending order) by clicking on each column name.


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