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To analyze Oracle Forms in Kiuwan, your Forms binary files (*.fmb) must be converted to XML format.

The Oracle conversion tool is bundled with the Oracle Developer Suite. You can download the latest version from:


Once you have installed Oracle Developer Suite, you can follow the steps described in the following document to convert the *.fmb files to XML format.


If you have experience with the Apache ant tool, you can use the %kiuwanlocalanalyzer%/bin/oracleforms_convert.xml ant script:

> cd <kiuwanlocalanalyzer_install_dir>/bin
> ant -f oracleforms_convert.xml -DDEVSUITE=<OracleDevSuite_install_dir> -Dpath=<your_forms_source_dir>


The  converted XML files are left in the same directory as the original form files.

Use this directory as the input directory for the Kiuwan Local Analyzer, or if you prefer to analyze in the cloud, you can create a zip archive with the generated XML files to upload to Kiuwan.