New Versions

  •   Engine: master.p646.q13222.a1893.i596
  •   KLA: master.1706.p646.q13222

Fixed issues:


  • QAK-6714  Possible false positives in rule OPT.CPP.CERTC.EXP33
  • QAK-6730  Parsing error in Natural source
  • QAK-6734  False positives OPT.CPP.DontUseCast
  • QAK-6739  COBOL Parse errors due to errors in margin detection
  • QAK-6741  Getting Natural Parser error while parsing
  • QAK-6742  Update language support - Kotlin 1.6.0
  • QAK-6744  False positive "Password input field is not masked" while analyzing HTML file
  • QAK-6746  False positive of OPT.PLSQL.GEN_PLSQL.NDFException (ZD-5306)
  • QAK-6748  False positive of OPT.PLSQL.GEN_PLSQL.GER2 (ZD-5310)
  • QAK-6750  Parse error in Natural source
  • QAK-6760  COBOL parse errors: REPORT and TYPE as user identifiers
  • QAK-6761  Error when generating the AST: DEFINE FUNCTION
  • QAK-6763  False Negatives OPT.NATURAL.NAT_MAN.AvoidDebuggingWriteInOnlineProgs
  • QAK-6764  Natural parser error
  • QAK-6765  False positive OPT.NATURAL.NAT_PF.AvoidFindReadWithHold
  • QAK-6768  AST generation error with RECORD
  • QAK-6769  COBOL Parse Error - 'WITH NO ADVANCING'


  • SAS-5592  Remove reference to Kayako ticket from KLA log
  • SAS-5838  Add timeout for KLA uploads to Kiuwan Server
  • SAS-5950  Increment timeout limit in KLA from 24h to 4d
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