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  • Added .jsx extension in javascript languages analysis
  • KLA (KiuwanLocalAnalyzer) now runs under Java 16
  • New Cobol preprocessor script

A new script (cobolPreprocess.xml) for pre-processing COBOL sources and replacing COPY statements with the content of copybooks is provided. This tool is useful when COPY statements are used in a way that makes the common strategy of parsing separately COBOL programs and copybooks lead to a high rate of parse errors but with the cost of losing the original source code lines in reported defects, due to plain code substitution. The script is located in the local analyzer bin directory, and usage is as follows:


  • SOURCES_DIR: The input
  • dialect: cobol85, cobolibm, cobolmicrofocus, coboltandem, acucobol, rmcobol.
    Default: cobol85.
  • marginType: The margin type to use when formatting. The default, autodetect, tries to detect the margin format heuristically. both_margin is the ANSI format.
  • freeform: true | false. If true, free-format COBOL. Default: false.
  • encoding: The encoding for reading and writing files. Default: UTF-8.
  • programExtensions: Extensions for COBOL programs. Default: cob,cbl,cobol,pco.
  • copyExtensions: Extensions for COBOL copybooks. Default: cpy,copy.
  • include: Comma-separated patterns of files to include. Two asterisks mean 'all directories and subdirectories'. Default: */.
  • exclude: Comma-separated patterns of files to include. Default: empty.
  • OUTPUT_DIR: Directory where the pre-processed files will be written. Defaults to the current directory.
  • Added support for the JavaScript Vue.js framework. The following rules were added:
    • VueComponentDataMustBeFunction: Component data must be a function.
    • VueForWithoutKey: Always use key with v-for.
    • VueHtmlEscapeDisabled: Vue HTML escaping is disabled.
    • VueIfWithForDirective: Never use v-if on the same element as v-for.
  • Update CWETOP25 tags to 2021 version
  • Added new mapping for the latest 2021 OWASP Top10 list.

Fixed Issues

Kiuwan server

  • SAS-5625 OOM with Insights analysis
  • SAS-5787 Fix long computation times with empty group + artifact dependency when computing obsolescence in Kiuwan

KLA (KiuwanLocalAnalyzer)

  • QAK-6707 Add .jsx extension in the default configuration
  • QAK-6694 Upgrade libraries for running under Java 16
  • QAK-6706 COBOL preprocessor script: Deploy for KLA


  • QAK-6640 Add support for VUE framework
  • QAK-6642 Possible false positives in rule OPT.CPP.CERTC.EXP33
  • QAK-6643 Possible false positive in rule OPT.CPP.CorrectUseMemoryLeaks
  • QAK-6662 Possible false positive on rule OPT.C.CERTC.STR31
  • QAK-6664 Parsing error JCL
  • QAK-6666 [FP] OPT.JAVA.SEC_JAVA.CrossSiteScriptingRule
  • QAK-6683 False positive / no sense datapath on Java rule: Trust boundary violation
  • QAK-6687 False positives in Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation ('Cross-site Scripting')
  • QAK-6690 Review EAR rules for the rest of technologies (Go, Kotlin, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Scala)
  • QAK-6691 Inconsistent results for rule "OPT.JAVA.SPRING.AvoidBeansWithTheSameIdAcrossDiferentDescriptors"
  • QAK-6692 False positive "Evaluate integer expressions in a larger size before comparing or assigning to that size" in C file
  • QAK-6694 Upgrade libraries for running under Java 16
  • QAK-6695 CWETOP25:2010:13 should be removed
  • QAK-6698 Update CWETOP25 tags to 2021 version
  • QAK-6699 Bug in PHP rule: Avoid unused private fields
  • QAK-6700 COBOL paser errors (AcuCOBOL)
  • QAK-6701 False positive of PT.JAVA.SEC_JAVA.CodeInjectionWithDeserializationRule (ZD-4720)
  • QAK-6703 COBOL Tandem parse errors
  • QAK-6704 False positive in OPT.KOTLIN.UnreachableCode
  • QAK-6706 COBOL preprocessor script
  • QAK-6707 Adding .jsx extension in the default configuration
  • QAK-6708 Analysis Failing when trying with Java returned 1 and AN-1 errors on both KLA and cloud
  • QAK-6709 Bug on the rule "Follow the limit for number of return statements"
  • QAK-6710 Fix dependency issues in power script parser and rules
  • QAK-6711 [FP] OPT.JAVA.SEC_JAVA.PotentialInfiniteLoop
  • QAK-6712 Possible false positive in the rule OPT.JAVA.FMETODOS.SAOP
  • QAK-6713 Possible false positive in the rule: OPT.JAVA.DECLARA.UCDC
  • QAK-6714 Possible false positive in rule OPT.CPP.CERTC.EXP33
  • QAK-6717 New OWASP ranking
  • QAK-6720 Parsing Error in .VB File
  • QAK-6722 False positive on Prevent denial of service attack through malicious regular expression ('Regex Injection') (ZD-5002)
  • QAK-6723 Parse errors in COBOL app
  • QAK-6724 Unable to parse cobol file: Error at line 1: Encountered: $COPYRIGHT
  • QAK-6725 Parsing Error in .4gl (Informix) files
  • QAK-6727 False positive in OPT.NATURAL.NAT_PF.UseWithLimitClauseInReadAndFind
  • QAK-6728 False positive Improper Control of Generation of Code ('Code Injection') (ZD-5068).
  • QAK-6729 COBOL Parse error: Encountered EXEC PBCF
  • FOG-249 INS - Failure detecting components (null components)
  • FOG-250 glob-base / preserve lost components
  • FOG-251 False Negative: CVE-2021-21252 - jQuery Validation Plugin
  • FOG-252 Missing CVE reference in Insights component
  • FOG-253 Possible error in Insight Vulnerability CVE-2021-23406


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