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  • SAS-3339 Mute defects option does not appear in Delivery - New defects Tab.
  • SAS-4100 Mute defects per file in deliveries.
  • SAS-4821 Improvement in filtering using TAGS in Code Security vulnerabilities.
  • SAS-5332 Mutes not detected for duplicate code small block Java.
  • SAS-5338 Bug in Governance > Evolution > Application Search button.
  • SAS-5344 REST-API endpoint /stats documentation.
  • SAS-5346 Add date in Account management - Lock Engine.
  • SAS-5362 Error in Kiuwan REST API OpenAPI specification sample.
  • SAS-5378 Missing app name in delete app notification message.
  • SAS-5395 REST API definition in JSON format does not match with the current definition.
  • SAS-5426 Mismatch in Lines of Code.
  • SAS-5494 Error while promoting delivery to baseline java.lang.NullPointerException
  • SAS-5496 NPE viewing checkpoint detail with user custom rules
  • SAS-5501 Error generating insight security CSV report
  • SAS-5355 Error in exclude.patterns and supported.technologies Jenkins Plugin not updated
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