New version of CQM (v1.2.14a) and Kiuwan Engine 

A new Kiuwan’s CQM and Engine is available.

Features of this new version are:

  • New PHP rules (7 new security rule)
  • New Java rules (1 new security rule)
  • New HTML rules (1 new rule)

You can find these new rules by comparing v1.2.14a of CQM against previous version.  

A detailed description of the behavior of these new rules is available in rule’s description.

Unless you have blocked Kiuwan Engine, Kiuwan Local Analyzer will automatically upgrade it to the last version once a new analysis is run.

In order for these new rules be applicable, your Kiuwan account must be configured to allow automatic engine upgrade:

  • If you are using CQM, these new rules will automatically become active and will be applied to new analyses.
  • If you are using your own custom model, you can activate them in case you want to be applied to your code.


New PHP Rules

  • OPT.PHP.SEC.ExternalControlOfConfigurationSetting
  • OPT.PHP.SEC.PlaintextStorageOfPassword
  • OPT.PHP.SEC.ExecutionAfterRedirect
  • OPT.PHP.SEC.FormatStringInjectionRule
  • OPT.PHP.SEC.MailCommandInjection
  • OPT.PHP.SEC.XsltInjection
  • OPT.PHP.SEC.PasswordInRedirectRule

New Java Rules

  • OPT.JAVA.SEC_JAVA.PasswordInConfigurationFile

New HTML Rules

  • OPT.HTML.SpecifyIntegrityAttribute



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