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Multilanguage support





Analyze your Github repositories. Ideal for small teams all the way to Enterprise plans


Automated Analysis

Every time you create a tag or release, they’re automatically analyzed & updated.


State-of-the-art Engines

4.000+ rules constantly updated. Our engines are used by industry leaders in security.



OWASP member and CWE certified, we support the most stringent security standards


Technical support

You’re never alone. All our rules are fully supported and documented to resolve every issue.



No hidden fees. Free for open source projects and comprehensive plans for private repos

Unmatched security scope

Kiuwan is an OWASP member and CWE certified. We support all well-known market standards (NIST, MISRA & PCI among others). Application security is paramount to us. We strive to give the most detailed security analysis of your code. Prioritize your effort and learn when and where to secure your code.

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code security

kiuwan code review

Powerful & intuitive

Powerful dashboards show the risk index down to the line of code. Detect vulnerabilities, improve code quality and manage your technical debt with a breakdown by software characteristics, programming languages or your filter of choice. Suppress false positives, fine tune your model, control every aspect of your code.

Beyond code review

  • Get Code Security and Quality badges for your repositories
  • Historical record
  • Reports
  • Manage your Software Model: fine-tune what is important for you. You can even create your own rules!

badges and model management

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