Add-On (QA)

Secure Your Code At Every Stage

Automatically scan your code to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in a collaborative cloud environment. Kiuwan SAST is compliant with stringent security standards & industry regulations including: OWASP, CWE, SANS & CERT.

Add-On (QA)

Kiuwan SAST Features:

rapid SAST

Rapid Results

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities at blazing speeds.

insights SAST

Valuable Insights

Use data to understand risk and creation action plans.

customize SAST

Customizable Setup

Customize rules according to your goals and priorities.

coverage SAST

Full Coverage

Add add-ons to manage QA and Governance.

Why Static Application Security Testing?

What is SAST?

Static application security testing (SAST) analyzes source code to find the security vulnerabilities that make it susceptible to security breaches.

How Does SAST Help?

SAST helps developers find and resolve vulnerabilities at any stage of development without breaking builds so that deployed applications are secure.


SAST Product

Kiuwan Reduces Your Cyber Risks

Kiuwan provides action plans to identify issues based on your established rule set. Establish milestones and a clear timeline for remediation so your team can develop more secure applications.

How Does Kiuwan SAST help?

SAST - Works with your Development Approach

Works with your Development Approach

Kiuwan SAST supports all critical languages and integrates into most DevOps tools. It links to vulnerability databases to ensure secure applications.

SAST - Compliant with Security Standards

Compliant with Security Standards

Kiuwan is aligned with NIST, MISRA, CWE, and OWASP, and our SAST, SCA, QA, and governance tools empower teams to shift security left and embrace a DevSecOps approach.

Did You Know?

The average cost of a data breach is exponentially higher than investing in application security?

*IBM Security Report 2021
SAST-DYK Cost of Data Breach

Identifies Vulnerabilities

The Files dashboard supports a top-down view of security issues, enabling easy visualization of issues by severity, supporting prioritization of key challenges. Kiuwan SAST identifies some of the most common software vulnerabilities:

SAST - Application Misconfiguration

Application Misconfiguration

SAST - Error Handling and Fault Isolation

Error Handling and Fault Isolation

SAST - Application Misconfiguration

Code Injection

SAST - Application Misconfiguration

Encryption and Randomness

SAST - Control Flow Management

Control Flow Management

SAST - Information Leaks

Information Leaks

How does this Integrate With Your DevOps Environment?

Security is an important ingredient in the development process. Kiuwan integrates into your DevOps environment so that your team can bake application security into the design. Adopt a “shift left” approach by integrating Code Security into IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Phpstorm, Pycharm, and Webstorm. Visualize and analyze vulnerabilities directly from the IDE and implement best coding practices with contextual remediation.

SAST - Integrate With Your DevOps Environment

Kiuwan SAST Supports Integrations With:

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gitlab pnk SAST

Build Systems

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Bug Trackers

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