C# OWASP Top 10: How to Discover Vulnerabilities in a C# Web Application

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Looking Ahead to Black Hat USA 2019

We’re excited to announce that the Kiuwan team will be part of the world’s leading information security event, Black Hat USA.

OWASP Top 10: How to Find Vulnerabilities in Your Java Applications

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Bad guys love REST

Many applications provide a services layer (to other applications, to a presentation layer, etc.

10 Common Software Security Weaknesses

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Open Source Licenses: A Comparison Of The Most Popular Types

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5 Steps to Integrate SAST in Your DevSecOps Process

Published May 10, 2019 Static application security testing allows you to identify source code security vulnerabilities and eliminate them before the software development lifecycle is complete.

4 Best Practices for Security Testing in Your SDLC

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6 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

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5 Reasons Why Open Source is Good for Your Company

Published Feb 28, 2019 Open source software is good for your business since it allows you the freedom to modify it, so it meets all your company requirements.

The Benefits of a DevSecOps Approach to the SDLC

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5 Ways DevSecOps is Changing the Security Lifecycle

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