10 AppSec Twitter Accounts to Follow

Published Feb 25, 2020 The AppSec ecosystem is increasingly important for businesses.

Release Announcement – February 13, 2020

Published February 20, 2020 The latest Kiuwan release includes a new CQM model and two new checkpoints to allow using the Life Cycle module together with Insights.

Announcing Support for Go

Published Feb 13, 2020 On February 13 we released support for a new programming language: Go (aka Golang).

Programming Language Trends In 2020

Published Feb 11, 2020 High-level programming languages have gone a long way since the invention of Short Code in 1949.

DAST, SAST, IAST and SCA: Which security technology is best for me?

Published Feb 4, 2020 With the variety of application security testing (AST) tools out there, you might be wondering which one should you use to secure your code — or whether you need all of them.

Food for Thought: On-premises Goes Hybrid

Published Jan 28, 2020 Using application security testing (AST) tools has many benefits; for example increasing the speed, efficiency and coverage paths for testing applications.

Announcement: End of Support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1.

Published Jan 27, 2020 On March 1st Kiuwan will disable support for TLS 1.

The Cyberthief’s New Best Friend: Web Apps

Published Jan 21, 2020 Web apps are now one of the top favorites—if not the absolute favorite—means of attack by cyberthieves, based on the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, which examined 41,686 security incidents, including 2,013 confirmed data breaches.

Why Hackers Attack – The Motives Behind Attackers

Published Jan 14, 2020 Hacking has been going on

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

Published Jan 7, 2020 Just like New Year's resolutions, a lot of people make predictions — but not everyone follows up on them.

Communicating with Customers in the Event of a Breach

Published Dec 30, 2019 There are three phases of defending against cyber attacks: putting in place sufficient protections and robust authentication mechanisms to try and prevent attacks; appropriately defending against an active attack once it is discovered, and communicating accurately and effectively to customers and shareholders: What happened Why it happened What it means Let's examine a major retailer's response to a recent attack for insights on effective approaches to communication with affected customers.

WASC Compliance: Guarantee App Security

Published Dec 17, 2019 DevOps processes have incredibly hastened the app development lifecycle leading to an exponential rise of apps getting into the market.

HIPAA Compliance for Secure Health Software

Published Dec 10, 2019 Developers all over the world have become keen on adopting a high level of application security, especially with the steady rise of cybersecurity threats.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Security Breaches

Published Dec 03, 2019 How much can a data security breaches really cost a company? What is the cost of a few infiltrated databases and stolen customer account information? The answer ranges between millions and billions of dollars in damages paid to those whose information was lost.