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New Rest API Endpoint: Log4j Vulnerability

You asked… we delivered!

We are adding a New REST API endpoint, designed to enable teams to quickly use REST API query to identify vulnerable components across applications, specifically targeted at the Log4j vulnerability.

In response to the critical challenges of the Log4j application vulnerability, our development team have quickly worked to leverage information we have collected from Kiuwan Insights analysis. This new functionality can be accessed via a REST API endpoint to allow our clients to very quickly search in all their applications, using a REST query.

Users can now see if a component is present in any of the applications they are using, including gaining visibility into the versions that are being used to ensure applications are completely up to date and not exposed to these sorts of vulnerabilities. Speed was key in this release so we created a REST API endpoint to rapidly remediate this challenge.

We have simplified the usage of the REST API endpoint, removing the need to create additional scripts. Now users can simply specify the component they are looking for and get the answer immediately. Helping you and your team to find potential exposure to Log4j vulnerabilities and work to remediate.

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