Jira integration

Kiuwan Software Analytics integrates with JIRA

Developers want and need to have full control of their code, Kiuwan Software Analytics provides that control in terms of the risks developers face, and the effort to maintain a desired level of quality. However, we cannot overlook the fact that developers already use a wide variety of tools to control other aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). If we want developers to continuously analyze their code and take action to improve quality, we had to integrate with those tools.

Kiuwan Software Analytics detects defects based on the evidence gathered from the code. The defect list that Kiuwan provides contains all the information developers need to improve the quality of their applications. Developers can organize the defects by priority, quality characteristics affected, or the effort needed to fix them. They can filter defects, see the files affected by the defect, and even see all the lines of code where these defects were found.

Sometimes, the information can be overwhelming, and the list can have thousands of defects. This is why we have developed our ‘what if’ analysis feature. With the ‘what if’ analysis, depending on the hours of effort available to invest in software quality at a given moment, or the desired level of quality for the different quality characteristics measured, with Kiuwan you can now create an action plan for developers by selecting which defects to fix first. This action plan contains the developer’s work items list to improve the quality of their software.

“Integrating the action plan with Atlassian’s JIRA, the most widely used tool to track developers work, was a natural fit”Jesús Martín, CEO.

Once you have your action plan in Kiuwan, in just one click, it connects to your JIRA instance and automatically opens issues for the defects in the action plan. You can decide what JIRA project the issues will belong to, and if you want to have one issue per rule violation (which can yield many defects in different files) or one issue per defect. It’s up to you and how you want to organize the work.

Kiuwan Software Analytics is compatible with JIRA On-Demand, and can be used with your own private instance. In the latter case, the instance requires a public URL to access it.

Additionally, you can export the action plan to excel, and generate a PDF report to distribute to the stakeholders.

With JIRA integration, Kiuwan has set the foundation to be part of the wider Software Development Life Cycle ecosystem.