Author: Luis García

Kiuwan Indicators

Security and Quality Indicators in Kiuwan: a practical guide   Kiuwan gathers evidence from application’s source code using in-house develop Kiuwan static analyzers. Based on the found evidence from static analysis, Kiuwan calculates and presents relevant Software Analytics Indicators that provide accurate information on: Software characteristics (ISO-25000 based), such as: Security, Efficiency, Maintainability, Reliability and Portability. Global Indicator, a general… Read more →

How to control Kiuwan Local Analyzer execution in Continuous Integration

A common question from users that run Kiuwan in a Continuous Integration scenario is : How can i control (or be notified of) the results of the execution of Kiuwan Local Analyzer? And furthermore.. How could those results influence my build process? Kiuwan provides several mechanisms that depend on your specific Continuous Integration scenario. Let’s look at it in detail.… Read more →