On-Demand Webinar: Trends In Cyberthreats

On-Demand Webinar: Trends In Cyberthreats

In this webinar we will explore how Cyber Risk management is a team sport, identify the key trends of 2021’s raft of cyber attacks, ideate on how the digital transformation is impacting cyber risk and consider the role of application security in mitigating this risk. This event will also feature Q&A from our customer success experts.

Major Data Breaches In 2018…So Far

Data is the new gold. It is a resource that creates and destroys power. With it, individuals, companies, and governments can sway public opinion, gain insight into the competition, and develop the most strategic plans. So it is for this reason that data breaches have...

Suppress false positives in your code analysis

One of the obstacles any static analysis tool encounters is the ease with which developers can manage defects that are not pertinent to their development. Oftentimes these “defects” for whatever reason simply do not apply. The most known case of such defects is false...